Saturday, August 5, 2017

Singapore one party state is foolish to charge Li Shengwu with contempt of court

Ladies and Gentlemen,

         It is widely reported that the one party state authoritarian government of Singapore run by Lee Kuan Yew's son Lee Hsien Loong has commenced contempt of court proceedings against Lee Kuan Yew's grandson Li Shengwu, who is the son of the Prime Minister's brother.

         This is a spill over from the recent disagreement between the 2 siblings of the Prime Minister and him over the will of the late Lee Kuan Yew as to what to do with his house 38 Oxley Road Singapore where Lee Senior lived for half a century.

         And now it is quite evident by this action of contempt of court against the son of his adversary, his brother Lee Hsien Yang that the Prime Minister is escalating the controversy, which is going to hurt the Prime Minister and his one party state government much more than anyone else.

         The contempt charges against the Prime Minister's brother's son who happens to be permanently living and working in Harvard University Boston Massachusetts USA arises out of a Facebook post which he wrote in which he said that the Singapore courts are compliant and that the foreign media tends to self-censor their reports on the country because of a fear of being sued.

         Although anyone who knows Singapore's one party authoritarian dictatorship knows that Li could not have been more correct, regardless of whether or not his statement was true, the Singapore government can do nothing to him and they are simply wasting their time with this court action in the island of Singapore.

         Li Shenwu has stated clearly that he has no intention of returning to Singapore. And if he does not return to Singapore, Singapore's contempt of court judgement, which we are quite sure they will obtain, is no better than a piece of scrap paper. Contempt of court order is not an extraditable offense and the Singapore government cannot apply to have Li return to Singapore if he does not wish to do so. Even if they attempt to do it, they would have to do it through US courts who we know will never send him back to Singapore against his will to a banana pariah island such as this. After all we have the right of freedom of speech in America which we cherish to death.

         The consequences of charging Li while he is in the US will not only result in failure for the one party regime in the island, it will have far wider repercussions against the regime. Firstly this episode will reiterate to the world what the island is, a one party state with no rule of law and no freedoms. Secondly it would mean that Li would never be able to return to the island as long as the Prime Minister his uncle remains in power because if he ever returns, the Prime Minister will throw the book at him. This will help to entrench the hated and animosity between the family members of the Prime Minister and himself. Second it would mean that Li's father Lee Hsien Yang, the Prime Minster's brother and his family will leave the island forever to avoid victimizations at the hands of the Prime Minister, thereby becoming enemies for life. And with the ongoing steadily entrenched feud, the brother would try to do whatever he can to destroy the Prime Minister and vice versa. And the beauty of it all is that as long as Li's parents and himself remain outside the island, there is simply nothing the Prime Minister can do to hurt them. The Prime Minster can take his inevitable contempt order and shove it up, you know where.

       And what he appears not to understand is the obvious, or at least he pretends not to know. Just because you sue someone for contempt of court for criticizing your judiciary does not make it independent. In fact your need to constantly sue people each time one criticizes in fact shows the contrary, that you indeed have a "compliant" judiciary which takes orders from the Prime Minister and his government. Because if you really had an independent judiciary, you have no need to sue people each time they criticize. A judiciary which asks how high when told to jump.

        Li already knows that all this theatrics carried on against him is a total waste of time. The Prime Minister can stand on his head if he wants in Singapore and still nothing is going to happen to Li Shengwu. So my advice to the Singapore Prime Minister is to stop this theatrics of commencing contempt of court proceedings against Li when he is not physically within your Orwellian island. For Heavens sake, get that into your head. Being in America Li is free. And you cannot touch him, ever. So don't waste your time. You are not fooling anyone. You are only making a fool of yourself.

         Just as you can't do anything to me for writing these blogs because I live in a country, USA that respects freedom of speech and they will not demand that I be returned to your one party state Singapore for any trumped up contempt charges.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at law
Fremont San Francisco California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Singapore's 38 Oxley Rise and the Prime Minister's Parliamentary Clown Show

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me introduce myself first. I am a Singaporean by birth, and opposition politician and lawyer. I have now now more than 30 years of experience in law. I practiced law in Singapore for 10 years while I was an opposition politician with the Workers Party while JB Jeyaretnam was at the helm.

I was repeatedly harassed with all sorts of accusations of legal impropriety, charged for contempt of court and finally suspended from practicing law for 2 years after I left the island permanently in 1991 for alleging that the then Attorney General Tan Boon Teik was not altogether honest when he claimed he "was not given an opportunity to be heard" at the London Privy Council hearing to determine whether JB Jeyaretnam, also a lawyer should be disbarred.

As you know JB Jeyaretnam was completely vindicated by the Lords in their scathing judgement which said in essence that the Singapore courts where nothing more than Kangaroo courts.

Subsequently in 2008 while on a visit to Singapore, I had written a blog criticizing Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for politically abusing the courts to punish an innocent man, opposition politician Chee Soon Juan.

For that they sent me to jail for 3 months. After I returned to the US I wrote another blog making the same criticism against another judge Judith Prakash for sending 3 men to jail for being present near her court wearing T Shirts emblazoned with the picture of Kangaroos in judicial robes in reference to the Chee Soon Juan case. Just for that!

After that the Singapore authorities commenced disciplinary proceedings to have me disbarred from practicing law in Singapore. Not that it mattered as I was not living in Singapore then. Like clockwork, the required punishment was rendered and I was disbarred in Singapore.

As an active practicing lawyer in California the state bar ethics required that I report any claims of transgressions anywhere in the world. So I duly reported the fact that I was disbarred in Singapore. Not surprisingly, the State Bar of California not only failed to make any ruling on my letter, they simply ignored my letter altogether! I never received an acknowledgment that they even received my letter even though the post office confirms they delivered it! That is how much the State Bar of California thinks of Singapore and it's courts! Anyway I continue to be in good standing at the Bar in California not having missed a day of practice. I also continue to be in good standing at the Bar of England and Wales. So much for that.

If indeed Singapore authorities feel so strongly as to have me disbarred in the island, should they not press the State Bar of California to require that I answer these charges. You guessed it. They have not done anything. Perhaps they are not so sure they will succeed in American jurisdictions! We have the rule of law here.

The maelstrom that is going on now in the island concerns 38 Oxley Road Singapore a house that was left by the late Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's previous dictatorial prime minister who has been falsely credited in turning Singapore from a "fishing village" to a great metropolis.

If anyone knows Singapore they should know that far from being a fishing village, as far back as the late 19th century the British who had colonized the island had already turned it into the most advanced highly developed shipping and bustling trading port in the region. In fact Lee Kuan Yew was in fact a curse not a boon to the island and without him we would have perhaps become a shining democracy instead of a dictatorship it has become.

Now the question of 38 Oxley Road Singapore. As a lawyer let me tell you about the law of wills. And I will add that what I am about to say does not require someone with 30 years of experience as I have. Even a first year law student of wills can tell you that. It is simply trite. Just basic.

About 2 weeks ago, the Prime Minister's siblings had accused him of denying the will of their father Lee Kuan Yew in relation to his house. In the will he expressly stated that upon his death the house should be demolished and in the event that his daughter continues to live there, demolished after she leaves. This clause was very clear.

And below this clause which we call the "Demolition Clause" he inserted a "Saving Clause". This clause stated that in the event his intention cannot be carried out the executors could find alternative means to dispose of the house. The reasons he cited among others in the saving clause was such things as the denial of planning permission or the laws of Singapore preventing the demolition.

The place to decide on the disposition of assets upon death of anyone, including a former Prime Minister is the probate court, not Parliament not select committees, not speeches by the Prime Minister son of Lee Kuan Yew, not anyone else. That has to be understood.

The duty of the probate court is essentially to give effect to the wishes of the testator. If the testator wishes to give his property to a dog house, it should still be respected. If it is to be demolished, so it must. That much has to be clear.

Second an explanation of his "saving clause". Lawyers add saving clauses in contracts and wills to ensure that if the first preference of the contract or will cannot be carried out for some unforeseen reasons, then it can be distributed according to the testator's second choice. This always relates to unforeseen circumstances. For instance if one leaves all his money to his old school in Swatow China but in the event that the Communists take over the country as in 1949 and the school is destroyed, the testator can state the money should be given to his children according to his wish in the saving clause. Perfectly understandable.

Or for instance if you make a contract with the Germans and you fear the Nazi Party will form the government thereby making your contract  illegal, you could state that the terms change to deal with that emergency.

But Lee Kuan Yew adding that saving clause did not in any way mean that he meant anything other than what he exactly intended, that is, the house should be demolished upon his death or after his daughter had vacated from the house.

In any case at the time Lee Kuan Yew made the will, there was no impediment in destroying the house. No laws prevented it. One never knows what the situation should be if his daughter chose to live in it for many years and then vacated. But in any case planning laws or government laws does not usually prevent a house from being demolished, unless of course something totally out of the ordinary happens, such as the entire island will sink into the sea if they did it! You can see my point of course. The saving clause meant in reality nothing. Unless you have an unusually vivid imagination, such as Martians landing in the island, if the house was demolished, whether now or 20 years from now, there is absolutely nothing to tear the house down.

Lee Hseing Loong the million dollar Prime Minister followed in his tail by a bevy of lawyers knows that he has a right to challenge the will in the probate court proceedings. He has even said that somehow his father, himself a lawyer and a member of parliament at the time did not, believe it or not, understand the will. If so why did he not challenge it? We know that he never did and let it stand, which means he accepted that that was the last will and testament of Lee Kuan Yew as written.

But instead of challenging it in court, he now holds this clown show in parliament to debate the will! Parliament is no place to decide a will, it is the court and he knows that too well, yet he makes a fool of us all by this clown show in Parliament.

But if you have followed this cunning, or rather dumb might I add, Prime Minister in parliament, he was suggesting that the saving clause allowed him to preserves the house since according to him, his fathers wishes were, believe it or not, "not very clear" and that he had left the issue of demolition "open".

What bloody humbug is that for Heaven's sake! It is plain English. It says demolish. The saving clause in no way changed the testator's intention, which was that the house should be demolished. Simple as that! Basic first year Law of wills and laws of contract. No need for Rumpole of the Bailey to tell you that.

What has transpired during the long rambling tooth pulling pain of the Prime Minister in Parliament was a disgraceful attempt to treat us all as bloody idiots. We know that the will states what it states and that is that. No manner of subterfuge or sophistry can change that.

Now let me come to demolition of a different kind, the demolition of his political opponents in Singapore's disgraceful history. Singapore is rightly called by many as the apex defamation regime.

Which means, if you ever dare to criticize the Prime Minister or his PAP ministers, he will unleash his Kangaroo Judges upon you. You will as the sun rises tomorrow, be either sued and bankrupted in hundreds and thousands of dollars and in many instances imprisoned as well!

The argument they use to sue all and sundry is apparently an old Chinese cultural belief that if you are a political leader and if you are criticized, you will lose your moral authority to rule and therefore in order to uphold your legitimacy, you have no choice but to sue and bankrupt your political opponent.

Naturally in this way, all possible criticism against you or your government is destroyed and you can rule over your docile timid silenced population ever after. You can see how well this has worked for him looking at Singapore's history.

Continuously for the last 58 years since independence countless Singaporeans, including me, who have criticized his rule have all been silenced and his party, the erstwhile Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chock Tong and now the son of Lee himself have all ruled with total impunity.

Now comes suddenly and a peasant surprise indeed, his siblings have come out with charges previously unthinkable. After all who would have dared to stand up to Augustus Cesar and expected to have another breath.

But then his accusers are not the ordinary subjugated silenced Singaporean. It is none other than his own brother and sister, members of the elite no less and persons in important positions of authority. They have called out Lee Hsien Loong the Prime Minister at his actions. They have accused him of, no less, "lying" to Parliament, "misleading" Parliament, "not telling the truth" "using his power to hurt them" "nepotism" "Big Brother" and the attacks continue.

Naturally following the uncontroverted unquestioning rule for everyone in Singapore to follow, including his siblings who we must be assume not to be above the law, the natural consequences of uttering these accusations, under the Singaporean understanding of lawsuits, is for him to immediately sue his brother and sister for millions of dollars thanks to his puppet Kangaroo judges, and put them away forever. After all what about the Chinese adage. But no. He has said he will not sue because, he claims, they are his brother and sister! Wait a minute, one rule for the rest of us peasants and another rule for his family members. It therefore seems that only his family members are entitled to freedom of expression but no one is.

One rule for some, another for others. Unfortunately for all of us, we were not lucky enough to be part of his family. Otherwise we too can enjoy freedom of expression.

I remember since my days as a lawyer in Singapore the terror he showed to anyone who criticized. JB Jeyaretnam was repeatedly sued for defamation, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, jailed and disbarred and bankrupted. He has since died.

Tang Liang Hong an opposition politician was sued for defamation of character just because he lodged a police report in the 2007 elections and driven out of the country.

Chee Soon Juan was repeatedly sued and bankrupted and now reduced to selling his books along the Singapore sidewalk to make a living.

I was charged with contempt of court in 1991 general elections all because I said the manner Subordinate courts appointed their judges should be more fair and independent.

Now after having crushed all and every dissent in the island with an iron hand with his Kangaroo judges, does it not seem rather hollow the grandiose claims he makes of protecting his honor. Where is  honor now after his own brother had called him a "liar".

Having you seen the clown show that is going on in Parliament about this. Every single member of parliament is quietly sitting like lifeless tombstones or as if they were in a church in quiet meditation.

Their faces all carry a sense of fear and if they are minded to speak they stand up meekly and utter nothing more than squeaks lest the Emperor Prime Minister and his puppet Speaker be displeased. It reminded me of watching some Hitler's Nazi Trials against some Jews who were accused of some transgression. Were they to speak even a little more, the Judge roars at them and threatens the firing squad instantly. It is a shame. Watch for yourself.

I think the man is finished now. No one can take him seriously. He is now seen as just a confirmed  coward, who dares to go after the small man simply because he can get away with it, but fears to face others more his equal.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
San Francisco bay Area, California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why severe punishments for Singapore National Service dodgers will be counter-productive

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was reading the article "Clearing the Air on NS dodgers" in Singapore's state controlled newspaper Straits Times of May 1, 2017 The Singapore government has decided that punishments meted out in the past were unduly lenient and because the birth rate continues to fall, severe stress is placed on the Singapore Army to maintain its numbers. Therefore they have decided that the best way to solve this problem is to heighten punishments, obviously because they believe that severe punishments would therefore persuade anyone thinking of defaulting to think twice.

Although for a handful few, this may be the reason not to abscond, I think for the vast majority it will have the reverse effect. It will give them a reason never to return to Singapore whereas if the punishment was lighter, they could still return to do their National Service and make amends with the government.

The main reason why the new strong arm tactics will not work is the fact that failure to do national service is not an extraditable offence. Singapore cannot force a national service defaulter living in a foreign country to return to Singapore through the extradition process used in criminal cases, that is, the arrest and removal of the defaulter by the foreign government to Singapore. As long as national service offense continues to be non-extraditable, the defaulter can stay as long as he wants abroad and remain safe. The only thing he cannot do is to return to Singapore. And in most cases, there is no great hardship to the defaulter in staying away. He can travel to every country in the world, as along as he doesn't step foot in Singapore.

Extradition  laws are primarily a 2 way process. If there is an extradition law in force, both the foreign country and Singapore have to agree to make it an extraditable crime. Since many foreign countries that do have national service are unlikely to have their defaulters seek refuge in Singapore of all places, there is no benefit to them in signing extradition treaties with Singapore for national service. And even if there was such a treaty, it is not a question of simply arresting the defaulter and sending him home. He has a right to challenge his extradition in the foreign court and he could raise a long list of defenses why he should not serve, such as the lack of rule of law in Singapore, the lack of democracy, the lack of free speech and expression and so on. In the end even if there was an extradition law, it may turn out to be far more embarrassing to Singapore to even try to bring a man back. But all this is moot, since at present there is no extradition laws in place for national service.

In most cases of national service default, the defaulter usually has no incentive to return anyway, punishment or no punishment. In most cases, they are usually the children of foreigners who were temporarily working in Singapore. Since there are no strong ties to Singapore anyway, it is not hardship at all for them to continue living abroad.

How would a child of an English father and a Singapore Chinese mother who worked temporarily in Singapore island and left for England with the boy, who by the way has lived in Singapore only temporarily, be persuaded to return to Singapore just because he happened to be a Singapore citizen. Threatening him with long prison sentences is not going to make any difference at all since he is not intending to return to Singapore anyway.

And this threat of punishment will in effect have the opposite effect of actually increasing the numbers of defaulters, since it will tend to convince them never to return thereby causing the state to lose a valuable pool of citizens since the ones who have lived abroad have much greater skills and qualities than those who have never left Singapore. On the other hand, if punishments are lenient, many could even have a change of heart and return to work and live in Singapore, whereas that would be mostly unlikely when faced with the prospect of harsh punishments and long jail terms.

On the whole Singapore island national service policy has been a total failure. There is an inbuilt fault in the system. It is difficult for any intelligent young man to be persuaded to like Singapore national service where you live as if you were a slave, with no freedom of speech, expression or assembly, the rule of law or a free press. It is very hard for a Singaporean young man to be patriotic when the leaders are unashamedly corrupt to the tune of millions. The Singapore Prime Minister and his Ministers all pay themselves millions of dollars each year which they call salaries. How anyone could call an income of $3 million which is the Prime Ministers' salary beats me.

In the end, if the Singaporean ministers thought that beefing up the punishments for avoiding national service would discourage defaulters, I am sorry to say it will have the opposite effect. Thanks to the new laws of enhanced punishments, more defaulters will simply stay away.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont San Francisco California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It's a bad idea to illtreat your own citizens. The Singapore one party police state should know this by now.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ever since the full independence of Singapore first from British and then from Malaysia, it has been a one party authoritarian dictatorship. Today there is no free press, no right to free speech, assembly or association and the judiciary are bunch of Kangaroos carrying out their leaders dictates. Naturally the intention of these dictators was of course that if you remove all critics, silence the opposition, you can continue to rule as corruptly as you want forever.

But it usually doesn't turn out that way. For every action there is a reaction. For every attempt to silence dissent, there are similar numbers acting against you. In the end common sense would always win. No one likes a repressive government. The people would retaliate and the state will slowly unravel. It may take some time but it will always happen. This is exactly what is happening to the one party authoritarian dictatorship of Singapore island today.

Singapore is too tiny to be able to withstand a sustained depressed economy. For a tiny island, if you do not have vibrant economic growth, you don't have the buffer that larger countries have to avoid collapse. Any major fluctuation will be the end.

In the 1980s the Lee Kuan Yew one party government of Singapore began their campaign to silence me. I had joined the opposition Workers Party and openly proclaimed my opposition to the regime. This is not ordinarily done. Most people in that island are afraid to openly state their opposition. And the Lee administration had to make sure that others will not be emboldened to do what I did. So they had to publicly destroy me through trumped up criminal charges and law professional discipline.

Not wanting to give the Lee administration the pleasure of abusing my rights, I chose to leave Singapore permanently for the United States. The effect of their actions actually backfired. Many lawyers were outraged by the abuse of legal process employed in this case. They could also witness the abuse of law against JB Jeyaretnam, the famous Lee opponent and more recently Chee Soon Juan. As a result of the indignation of anyone with common sense, and a sense of decency and fair mindedness, many lawyers and other professional left Singapore in disgust. In fact these actions intended to silence me and others has resulted and in fact continues to the be cause of one of the highest levels of brain drain in the world from the island of  Singapore. The attacks against me has hurt the one party state in Singapore far more damage than it has cause any of us.

The one party authoritarian city  state of Singapore I am sure were taken aback and surprised that I refused to crawl and submit in the face of their repression. Their experience in most cases had been that anyone who faced trumped up charges simply rolled over and crawled. Instead of pleading guilty to their trumped up charges to their utter surprise, I defended my self against every charge every time, and this put them to even more embarrassment in the eyes of their citizens who could clearly see the drawn out battle between them to unjustly punish me and my determination to resist at any cost.

The fact that I now live in California allows me to continue to criticize the Singapore  government and invariably continue to hurt this regime. Reading this blog, even more Singaporeans leave the island, those already settled in the West continue to persuade others to join them. The end result is that the very best and brightest, since you need skills to settle abroad, leave the island leaving behind only those inferior and incapable of leaving Singapore island. My attacks against the Singapore administration has in fact resulted in the reduction in quality of the residents in Singapore island since those remaining behind are far inferior to those who have left. Because so many highly educated Singaporeans leave with no one to do the jobs, the administration is forced to bring in plane loads of Chinese national every year to fill the blanks. These new immigrants are given instant citizenship and made to feel Singaporean when in fact they are neither Singaporean or anywhere similar. For them it really doesn't matter if a donkey is the President since after all they are only there for a few more dollars. In 2015 elections 70% of the citizens in Singapore voted for this one party police state dictatorship. Since no one with any self respect or any intelligence would do that, it proves that the quality of citizens has so much declined that you have now citizens who really don't mind how they live.

There are many other ways in which this decay in the government is manifested. For the last decade you have seen economic growth either stagnant or a mere 1% or 2%. Why is it today so low as compared to the double digit growth numbers we had seen in the past. It is the same for the same reason. When you abuse your citizens' rights you get a bad reputation. And when you get a bad reputation, many countries with a sense of moral responsibly don't want to have anything to do with you. Many Scandinavian countries, bastions of freedom and democracy are fully aware of the repressive style of government in that city state and in fact some countries given a choice would prefer not to trade with Singapore at all. This explains partly why the economy continues to decline and hovers at the 1% or 2% growth rate maximum. And I take pride in continuing to make known to the world through these writings what Singapore really is and which has an adverse long standing effect on that Singaporean economy.

Another  consequence of the repression is that today the island of Singapore has the lowest birth rate in the world. This happens to be major worry for these dictators who know that the rapid extinction of the Singaporean race through the lowest birth rate in the world and a very large elderly and dying population, would not bode well for Singapore. Without Singaporeans, they know that Singapore will be over. But despite all sorts of persuasion by dictators through tax incentives, large cash payments for childbirth and extended paid vacations for mothers, showing porn on state TV, instead of the birth rate rising, it is in fact falling and fast heading to near zero birthrate! Yes I take credit for this too, since it is the dissemination of the facts of the deplorable state of human rights in the island that has created the present dire situation and I intend to continue to write to expose this regime. I don't intend to stop.

Today the island struggles economically to survive thanks to my writings and the various efforts of other opposition advocates who result in exposing this administration for what it is.

I have been writing to encourage Singaporeans who have been persecuted for their political beliefs to seek a new life abroad in the West. Since I myself had obtained asylum in the US, I am a strong example for others to follows. I have been the contributory cause of many who have applied for asylum abroad. Recently we have had Amos Yee Pang Sang, a young man who had insulted religion with bad language in the island and has been granted asylum in the US. I know that he was encouraged  to do this by reading my blogs. At present I am representing 3 other Singaporeans who have all applied for asylum in the US and all have told me that it was my blogs that made them do it. Han Hui Hui, a young woman who was repeatedly harassed victimized and persecuted has recently left for an unknown West European country for asylum. My blogs had an effect on her actions too. These are the people I know, whereas there are many others who have left Singapore on account of reading my blogs whom I do not know.

So on balance, if you ask who is hurt more out of this, me or the Singapore government, I can assure you that the Singapore government is hurt far more and will continue to hurt from the pages of these blogs. It is true that my writings have not created a revolution in the island but victory need not necessarily come out a revolution, it can also come from a slow and steady attrition to a steady downward slope towards eventual collapse.

I will continue  to write exposing this regime. In the end, if given a choice of who you want to deal with, a democracy like Australia or New Zealand or a banana republic like Singapore, I think more countries slowly over the years would realize that it is morally comforting to and also economically safer to be dealing with democracies with the rule of law rather than to deal with banana republics which denies the rights of their citizens through corrupt state compliant Kangaroo courts.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont San Francisco California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The mechanics behind why Amos Yee Pang Sang Singaporean hate speech proponent remains detained. His prospects are turning into suspect.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Gopalan Nair. My expertise in US Immigration law is as follows. I have been practicing US immigration law from my Fremont (San Francisco) California office for more than 20 years. My specialty is immigration including asylum and removal proceedings. My law firm is Gopalan Nair Attorneys at Law at 39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A2, Fremont, CA 94538. My phone number is 510 491 8525.

Most asylum applicants who apply for asylum from within the United States after having been admitted at a port of entry are not detained. Amos Yee Pang Sang's case is an aberration. Perhaps he was wrongly advised. Most asylum applicants if coming in through a US port of entry have visitors visas as was the case with Amos Yee Pang Sang. If Yee had informed the immigration officers at Chicago Airport that he was merely coming for a visit in accordance with his visitor visa (Visa Waiver) status, he should have been allowed to enter.

It is true that it is not entirely honest for a traveler seeking admission at a port of entry to say that he is coming for a visit when his real intention is to apply for asylum but since the law allows for this and since people can change their minds, there is really nothing wrong to do this. In any case, this is what is routinely done. At present I am representing 3 asylum cases from Singapore. 2 came in last year and one this year. 2 are all working with work permits while waiting for their asylum. They were not detained.

But since Yee had himself admitted to the airport that he is in fact coming to apply for asylum when his visa status is visitor, this is a violation of his visa status which requires the immigration to detain him until the end of the proceedings.

In the past when someone obtained an asylum grant in custody, even if the Dept. of Homeland Security stated a desire to appeal, he is usually let out and if the appeal is granted, he should then be apprehended and removed. As you can see this practice is flawed and open to universal abuse since someone who was granted asylum will never be found in this huge United States, in the event the government succeeds in their appeal. Unless he himself voluntarily surrenders himself, the government would find it impossible to remove an alien who had lost in the government appeal. He could have moved anywhere in the 50 states. He would be able to stay in the US for the rest of his life, although illegal.

President Trump realizes this loophole and now demands that even those granted asylum, if detained, remain detained until the government's appeal is over. In the even that the government succeeds at the Board of Immigration Appeals, Yee will continue detained until Yee's appeal to the Court of Appeal is heard (that is if Yee wants to appeal).

There is a remedy for those who are held for extensive periods in custody awaiting a decision known as Rodriguez bond hearings (Rodriguez vs Robbins). Usually those being detained are entitled to request release on bond every six months on the ground that it is patently unjust to detain a man for extended periods while waiting for hearings or decisions. This problem can be overcome if the case is heard expeditiously and no grave prejudice is suffered by the inmate due to the delay.

I think therefore Yee is not going to be released until the outcome of the appeal of the government before the Board of Immigration Appeals, Falls Church Virginia.

Coming to the case, I think that Yee is going to lose his case for several reasons. If you read Judge Cole's decision, a great deal of his decision was based on background information on Singapore, that is, it is a one party state, it has no free press, no right to free protest, the courts are biased and so on. And using this background material, the judge tried to connect Yee's case to these background facts and therefore decides, Yee was persecuted after all. One such reasoning, trying to stretch the facts to fit the outcome you want is when he referred to Yee's video of "Lee Kuan Yew is finally dead". The judge says that since nearly all that video is a criticism of Lee Kuan Yew and since only a fraction was about insulting Christianity, therefore the prosecution for religious hate is unwarranted!

There is an adage that goes like this, "Give a dog a bad name and hang him". This is exactly what Judge Cole and Yee's attorney are doing here. Paint Singapore very black as a heartless bloodthirsty regime and conveniently claim therefore that Yee was persecuted after all. 

No one can deny that Singapore is a dictatorship. We all know that. But the question here is not whether Singapore is a dictatorship but whether they have unjustly persecuted Yee. From these facts it cannot be said that he was persecuted. He was rightly charged and convicted for hate speech, an offense under Singapore law which stands up to international scrutiny as a just law in a multiracial and multi religious society.

The judge fails to see that first, Yee was never charged with anything political and second even if 0.1% of the video is about religious hatred, Singapore law still makes it an offense to promote religious hate and he still becomes guilty regardless of the fact that 99% of the video is about Lee Kuan Yew.

There is one part where Grossman, Yee's lawyer argues that Yee has been selectively prosecuted unlike others like Calvin Cheng and Jason Neo. If she knew the true facts and yet argues these 2 cases as evidence of selected persecution, she is not being entirely honest. Both Calvin Cheng and Jason Neo, who had made disparaging remarks about other races and religions, when challenged, immediately and unconditionally apologized and undertook never to do it again. Since then they have never again insulted any other race or religion.

Yee on the other hand claims he has a right to insult others and their religions and has sworn that he intends to continue doing it. In such a case did he expect to have been let off like Calvin Cheng or Jason Neo? Yee is almost a professional religious hater which he does using the utmost of vulgarities obscenities and profanities. He has said he is determined to continue insulting Islam and Christianity repeatedly using the words "". Did he expect Singapore courts to allow him to continue in this manner? Of course not. There was nothing wrong in not prosecuting Calvin Cheng and Jason Neo. But Yee deserved prosecution.

Moreover it is necessary for his own safety not to release him. It is publicly well known even in the Muslim community in the US that he has insulted Islam and is determined to continue doing so. The Muslims in Singapore have been a very tolerant lot so far to have left Yee alone, but to release him to the society in the US, a gun carrying society, can mean his murder. On that score as well, he should not be released for his own good until the appeal is heard.

I am sure the Department of Homeland Security understands the situation in Singapore better now and some of the absurd arguments made in in this case in court. I have a strong feeling that he will not be released during the pendency of the appeal, the government's appeal will be allowed and he will be retuned to Singapore.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont San Francisco California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Singapore's world's lowest birthrate takes another beating with 2 more Zika virus infections. The Singaporean native polulation is disappearing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The one party state authoritarian Singapore island government's main and principle worry for decades has been it shrinking population. Looking at Singapore island's unique situation, the problem is indeed worrying. Singapore is a small island at the tip of the Malay peninsula, a mere 27 miles across and 16 miles north to south. A mere 1/3 the size of New York city. It has no natural resources.

It has a predominantly ethnic Chinese population mainly because through a form of ethnic cleansing, by denying employment opportunities and other forms of racial discrimination, the native Malay and Indian populations have progressively shrunk to negligible  numbers. Although even as recent as 10 years ago, the Singapore native population was about 3 million, which has shrunk to a mere 1 million or less today largely due to a progressively declining birth rate, while it has brought in a thumping 4 million foreigners and given most of them instant citizenship, mostly Communist Chinese nationals from China.

Today the island's birth rate has dropped to  a mere 0.8 percent, the lowest in the world. A world record. What this means is that most women are either not married or have no children at all. Today you will be hard-pressed to find a child anywhere in Singapore. Please see CIA  world fact book It is becoming an island without children.

And this fact is alarming also because the government has gone out of it's way to  plead to the people to have more children but they simply refuse. They are adamant and have made it very clear that as long as they live in the island of Singapore, they will not have any children regardless of what the government wishes.

To make matters worse, Singapore has discovered 2 more local women infected with the Zika virus. If they are pregnant, their unborn children would be born as imbeciles with shrunken heads. The government has kept secret the numbers of such children born as they control the entire island's media but there are rumors spreading that there are many such children already born in Singapore with mental handicap and shrunken heads and this is already one reason why they have managed to receive the world record of the lowest fertility rate in the world. With the latest news of another 2 women being infected with Zika virus, this means that even the handful of women even contemplating childbirth is going to stop. The 0.82 lowest fertility rate in the world is likely to become even lower to perhaps 0.5 or 0.4. Singapore is not going to get any new world records for this since they already have the world record now. See

The local island population has steadily declined over the last decade. About 10 years ago, the island had 3 million native Singaporeans. Today the native Singaporean population has shrunk to less than a million while the state has brought in 4 million mainly Chinese from Communist China to take the slack. But because a Communist Chinese and a local native Chinese are both Chinese, you won't be able to tell the difference. Singapore today is no longer Singapore. It is a Chinese city comprising Chinese from China masquerading as Singapore.

One can imagine why Singapore women do not want any babies. For one thing, they live miserable lives. Even on the world happiness index, Singapore has almost got another record for being the most miserable sad people in the world. They are sad because they don't have any freedoms. This is a one party police state. All newspapers are owned and controlled by the state as is the case in North Korea. All judges are carefully selected and ordered to do what the state wants. One of their primary duties is to use the law to punish political opponents. There is a long list of political opponents in history of Singapore destroyed by these Kangaroo judges, starting with Chia Thye Poh, political opponent, jailed for 31 years; JB Jeyaretnam, political opponent, repeatedly sued for millions of dollars, bankrupted and jailed, he eventually died in 2008, whom many believe was due to the hardships he endured at the hands of the police state; Chee Soon Juan, political opponent, former university lecturer, repeatedly sued, jailed and bankrupted and fired from his job, now reduced to earning a living on the streets of the island selling the books that he wrote, impoverished.

When a state does this sort of thing to its own people, the general population will be unhappy even if it was not happening to them. So this unhappiness leads to people not wanting to have any children to have to suffer the indignities and hardships that they have to endure.

They are unhappy also because it is impossible for anyone to be their natural self. Because the state security apparatus is always watching everyone to report on any criticism of the state, one has to always be careful as to what one says or does for fear that it may be reported to the ISD men, state security. What is happening in the island is exactly what is happening in North Korea although on a lesser scale. Everyone knows that if you are found out to be a critic of the government, you stand to lose your job, you stand to be sued and impoverished. This life of hypocrisy that one ahs to live makes it unpleasant and therefore not conducive to bringing up children. Having to live such a life forces Singapore women not to have any children.

The extreme corruption is also another factor that prevents Singaporean women to have children. It is well known that the Prime Minister like his father the former Prime Minister pay themselves official salaries of several millions a year. In order to have the support of his ministers, he pays them similarly several millions dollars every year. This is wholesale corruption anyway you look at it. But the people are powerless to do or say anything because the enforcers of the Prime Minister, his Kangaroo judges would sue you, destroy you and drive you to the street. As a result Singaporeans are at a loss to do anything, they become depressed and the women do not wish to have any children.

Singapore has one of the world's greatest income divide. The rich earn millions and the poor a mere fraction of what the rich earn. And with this financial suffering they suffer even greater uncertainty as there is no unemployment insurance, no welfare, no guarantee of medical insurance. Moreover there is no job security and you can be hired or fired anytime. Under these circumstances only a cruel, reckless, heartless woman would want to have babies since the children suffer would unimaginable suffering if the parent loses his job. Under these circumstances naturally no woman wants to have any babies.

If the death knell has rung for the extinction of the Singaporean race, there are 2 other factors. The rate of brain drain to the west of the highly educated skilled and talented is one of the highest in the world, perhaps another world record. Even though the island population is so tiny, the numbers of Singaporeans living in Australia has got so large that there is  a  highly visible Singapore community there. Those there are encouraging other Singaporeans to join them which is causing the brain drain to increase even further. You see the same pattern with the Singaporeans in Canada, New Zealand, USA Germany, Sweden and Egypt.

The last time the state controlled media in Singapore reported on this problem of a declining and the foreseeable extinction of the Singaporean race in Singapore was many months ago, but since then they have not reported on the problem anymore. Like an ostrich they bury their heads in the sand and simply ignore the fact that the problem is getting worse, understandably so, since they don't have any answers. They have tried everything to encourage childbirth, even broadcasting pornography at late night TV in the hope that Singapore couples would first watch the pornography and then go and have sex! Event that didn't work! As a result it appears the Singapore government have given up and resigned themselves to the fact that the island will no longer have any true Singaporeans!

These figures would be alarming for any country, small or large. Can you imagine how worrying it is for an island today which is so tiny, it has no more than a mere 1 million true Singaporeans!

There are dire consequences as a result of the soon extinction of the Singaporean people. The corrupt political leaders who earn millions naturally would want to stay behind to secure their ill gotten gains and the source. So they are not going to go anywhere. But with the precipitated decline and near extinction of the Singaporean race, they would have no choice but to bring in greater and greater numbers of Chinese from China to do the jobs for these corrupt politicians. This would mean the character and identity of what is Singapore would completely change. It would become difficult for these corrupt Singaporeans politicians to control these masses of imported Chinese from China. With the lackluster economy of the island at present, and with an uncontrollable population of Communist Chinese in Singapore, I think it is a recipe for disaster and doom.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, San Francisco California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Friday, March 24, 2017

Amos Yee's asylum grant in US causes major worries for Singapore's regime.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Amos Yee Pang Sang, the Singaporean religious hate speech advocate has been granted asylum in the US. See BBC report

Although I am no fan of Singapore, I think the decision to grant asylum was wrong. In the judge's decision he equates Singapore to the United States and connects Yee's charges of religious hurt to his political opinion although there seems to be no direct nexus for this fact. You can read the judge's decision here

I can fully understand if they granted Chee Soon Juan or Roy Ngerng asylum. They are real cases who have been persecuted for political opinion. But not Yee who pisses on the Holy Bible and the Koran and desecrates religion.

But the ramifications of granting this one case to Yee have serious far reaching and damaging effects for the present Singapore administration. By granting this case what the American court is telling us that all one has to do for US asylum is to insult Christianity, Islam, Jesus Christ or Buddha sufficiently, get arrested which Singapore will most certainly do, spend a few months in the prisons in Singapore Changi and when released take the next flight to Immigration Attorney Sandra Grossman's office to claim asylum in the US.

What will happen is not so much anyone who really dislikes Singapore to go through this procedure for asylum but it will be a great opportunity for young men who do not want to do national service in Singapore to pretend to be political opponents and religion haters to breeze their way to the United States. One of the major problems for already tiny Singapore with an even tinier population is the almost universal dislike of performing national service. Remember the United States like England follows the doctrine of "stare decisis" which means prior decisions have a persuasive effect on future cases. Therefore any future judge hearing a similar case from Singapore would be hard pressed to deny asylum when Yee's was granted.

Yee has managed to drive a huge gap for young Singaporeans wanting to move to the USA. Perhaps you could call it "the Amos Gap".

I remember a similar kind of case in England from my law studies. Before the 1960s any Commonwealth citizen could come to live in England without visas. Suddenly in the 1960s they passed the Commonwealth Immigrants Act which required such citizens to acquire entry permits. The law specifically read that anyone "arriving at a port of entry in the UK is subject to immigration and customs control". Bhagwan was an Indian illegal immigrant who came in a small boat and landed on a lonely beach in England (Reg. v. Bhagwan [1972] A.C. 60; [1970] 3 W.L.R. 501; [1970] 3 All E.R. 97, H.L.(E.). He was arrested and placed under removal proceedings. But the judge dismissed the charges since only those who "arrived at a port of entry" are subject to inspection. Since Bhargwan arrived at a lonely beach he committed no offence. When news of this judgement had broken out hundreds if not thousands of illegal immigrants landed on lonely beaches in England in what became known as the "Bhagwan Gap". Almost within 24 hours the House of Commons went into emergency session to plug the loophole!

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont San Francisco California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore island faces almost zero childbirth, economic stagnation and a gloomy future

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the last decade or so, Singapore island, or one would better call it, Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore is not looking good at all. Today the island has the distinction of having the lowest, I mean lowest birth rate in the world, according to  the latest CIA World Factbook


It presently stands at 0.82. I hope the reader can understand how bad this is. It means that for every couple, they may have, in a small minority of cases, one child but in the vast majority of cases none at all!  In other words most couples do not have any children! Not even one!

One has to see the enormity of this fact. It is not just a case of people unable to have children. This is a sign that the people in already tiny Singapore island have deliberately decided that they do not wish to have children regardless of what happens to their country! They care two hoots if their Singaporean identity becomes totally extinct from the face of the earth! This is how much they hate their country and their rulers. Today the size of the native Singaporean population cannot be more than a million in tiny Singapore. The remaining 4 million are foreign imports. In just 2 decades, at this rate, there won't be anymore true Singaporeans left in Singapore island!

This news is bad as it already. But it is even worse because despite the government vigorously campaigning for more babies, Singaporeans are deliberately having less children. They are making clear to the Singaporean authorities that despite how much they tell them, they are determined not to have any children in that island! They are defiant in their refusal to co-operate with the authorities.

This phenomenon must be an alarming sign to any government. What the people are telling their government is this. We do not appreciate you, we do not trust you, and we do not want to have children in a society such as this. This phenomenon is a clear slap in the face for this government. What it shows is that the people of Singapore have no respect for this administration and will deliberately refuse to do what the government wants.

Anyone who understands the island like I do, being born there and having been persecuted for my political beliefs can understand why. Despite the island's claim that it is a free and democratic country, nothing can be further from the truth. It is a one party state with a bunch of rulers who are some of the most corrupt in the world. The present Prime Minister has been in power for the last 12 years. Before that his father was the first prime minister who governed Singapore for more than 50 years since independence. It is like Haiti's Papa Doc and Baby Doc. Papa Doc was the sole ruler until his death. After his death his son Baby Doc ruled. Just as in Syria, you first had father Hafiz Al Assad. When  he died the son Bashar takes over. In Singapore it was Lee Kuan Yew, and now his son Lee Hsien Loong. And then they are the world's most corrupted leaders. The Prime Minister like his father pays himself several millions and in addition a 12 month salary bonus each year which makes their total theft of public funds several million dollars each year.

You simply cannot respect a government such as this which literally  are the most corrupted rulers in the world. Therefore any self respecting human being would be uncomfortable raising children in a society as corrupted as this, one reason why it has the lowest birth rate in the world.

In addition you have a total lack of rule of law. The police are given free reign to go around arresting and persecuting government critics. Every single politician who posed a political threat to the government were all systematically removed and destroyed. Singapore's shameful pages lists good men such as JB Jeyaretnam, Chee Soon Juan, Tang Liang Hong and many others who are all jailed and destroyed for criticizing the government. The average Singaporean is fully aware of the fact that he is allowed to survive and exist only as long as he is supportive of the system. If not he becomes a victim. In an atmosphere such as this, no one wants to start a family in the island. Why would you want to bring up your children as slaves with no right to independent thinking. It is bad enough that the parents have to live such miserable lives. Why bring children into the world to suffer like this.

Realizing that the government can do nothing to stop the total extinction of its native population, they have been bringing in thousands and thousands of Chinese immigrants from Communist China who are happy to come to Singapore where they can earn more than back home as peasants. Because they are both ethnic Chinese, looking at them you won't tell the difference. But the Communist Chinese recent arrivals are totally different from the native Chinese of Singapore. All their lives they lived under Communist rule and they have no idea of such concepts of human rights. What happens then as a result of the disappearing native population is that Singapore has become just as another Communist Chinese city, where people walk around as just slaves, as they would do in Communist China. This obedience mentality brings Singapore island several rungs backward to just another Communist China peasant society, a very regressive step from what Singapore once was many decades ago, a British style democracy.

What is happening in the island can be explained through imagining a hypothetical situation in the USA. Imagine if America is losing its own people through the lowest birth rate in the world and the government decides to bring in droves of Russians to populate the United States and the country slowly becomes another Russia where people walk around in fear of Putin! This is exactly what is happening in Singapore today.

And the economy is dead. Literally dead. From double digit figures, it is today hovering between 1% and 2%. And the signs are that it is going remain so in the permanent imaginable future. Once again if you understand Singapore, you will realize that this stagnation of the economy is not just transitory, it is sadly permanent. And the government does not have an answer to this problem.

The dead economic future for Singapore is totally the fault of the government messing with the minds of its population. Ever since Singapore's formation, the economy has always been state managed. The government like they did in Communist China and Soviet Union, selects certain sectors for economic development and creates jobs in these sectors, such as the port authority, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, airport, airlines, tourism etc. All this worked for a long time since its neighbors were far behind Singapore. But as time progressed, every other country has not only imitated Singapore, they are also able to do this at a far lowest cost. So there goes Singapore's edge.

The economy may be salvaged if the people of Singapore are capable of looking after themselves. Unfortunately  this is not the case. Lee Kuan Yew's model citizen is not someone who questions, thinks and challenges authority. He is someone who obeys and his greatest quality is total obedience and submission. A Singapore worker is someone who is capable of working hard and a very obedient one. But the area of his failing is his total incapacity to think independently and make a life for himself. He is always waiting to be told what to do next.

In a situation such as this, unfortunately until and unless the state can come up with some new idea, the society of Singaporeans are doomed to a permanent 1% or 2% economic growth. A country with vast resources both local and abroad such as the Netherlands would not only survive but even excel for 2 reasons. First they have greater resources and a greater population. Second because their society comprises one of thinkers, the people themselves are capable of new ideas and will always propel the state forward. But Singaporeans do not have this ability. They have been trained not to think for themselves. And this is the reason why Singapore has no hope in the future.

And the small size and the  fact that the vast majority of businesses are in foreign hands make the society' existence highly uncertain. It will only take a little bad news for foreign businesses to pull out completely from the island which will trigger a massive capital flight and the end of the island. This is unlike larger countries and economies who can weather the storm of such temporary setbacks.

A free independent thinking democratic people have the ability to think of new plans and new ideas to better their lives. Sadly Lee Kuan Yew's Singaporeans lack this quality which will be the cause for their demise.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont San Francisco California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Amos Yee's closed Immigration court hearing. Why not open?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Amos Yee the religious hate speech advocate had his asylum hearing at the Chicago Immigration court this last Tuesday March 7. What is interesting is that he and his attorney Grossman had decided to hold a closed hearing and not allow in the public! My question is why?

Asylum hearings are commonly conducted in open court and the public are allowed to attend. However in exceptional cases it is up to the asylum applicant and his lawyer to request the judge to hold a closed hearing and keep out the public. This is what Yee and his lawyer Grossman have done.

I read that Grossman had decided on this because one of the witnesses wanted to remain confidential. Even so, it wasn't necessary to keep the entire hearing confidential. They could have cleared the court for the testimony of that single witness and resumed the hearing in open court.

But this demand to keep the proceedings secret flies in the face of what Yee is claiming to stand for. If I am not mistaken, he is standing for free speech which is why he is asking for asylum. If he is indeed for free speech, then why is he afraid that the world may hear what he has to say? Is this not the height of hypocrisy and cowardliness on his part?

What he is saying is that he should be entitled to say whatever he wants to the world and not be punished, but yet in the most important court hearing of his life, he insists that no one should hear what he says. Or what his witnesses say. I am reluctant to say this but this man appears to be a fraud. Only a fraud would demand a right to free speech by insulting other religions but no free speech as to what he tells the judge in asylum proceedings.

Especially in this case with international worldwide interest in the case, the public were entitled to know what happened. This is the case of a man mocking religion by pretending to have sex with the Christian Holy book the Bible and Muslim Holy book the Koran and I heard urinating on these Holy books and taking videos and posting them on the Internet. And for the right to continue doing this, he wants asylum in the United States. A curious interesting case which the world has a right to know what happened in court. But Grossman and her client have decided that you are not allowed that privilege.

We will not know what he said about his right to insult religions, his right to insult God, his right to urinate on the Bible and the Koran, his right to yell "Fucking " at every sentence, about his right to refuse national service in Singapore.

We even do not know how many witnesses appeared and who they are, or what they said. We know that Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Singapore's opposition village clown who got I believe just 300 votes in the last elections in a constituency of several thousands and lost his deposit had flown to Chicago to give evidence in the belief that he was some sort of a world statesman. We don't know what he said either.

I think the judge would be hard pressed to give asylum to the likes of Yee because if he does so, he opens the door to every other idiot in Singapore to urinate on the Bible and the Koran, get arrested and serve 2 weeks jail and take the next flight to see Immigration Attorney Grossman to obtain asylum in the United States and also conveniently managing to avoid national service.

After which Miss Grossman could purchase her Lamborghini and open another law office exclusively to serve thousands of Singaporean asylum applicants in Chicago who have all just urinated on the Koran and the Bible, went to jail and all waiting for asylum in the US! Very convenient.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont San Francisco California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Amos Yee's asylum application. Bad idea to call Kenneth Jeyaretnam as a witness

Ladies and Gentlemen,

"Today" newspaper of Singapore has the story about Amos Yee, the young Singaporean man claiming asylum in a US Chicago Court after he was jailed for insulting religion in his country.

Please see, article titled "US Judge to rule on Amos Yee's case this month". The article states the judge will rule on his asylum claim this month.

This is a picture of Singapore's Kenneth Jeyaretnam, son of JB Jeyaretnam who has testified at the Chicago hearing.

The article also states Kenneth Jeyaretnam has travelled to Chicago from Singapore island to testify in favor of Amos Yee's bid for asylum today March 7, 2017. 

I think Miss Grossman, attorney for Amos Yee made a great error in calling Jeyaretnam to testify.

Generally people who claim asylum in the US are from third world countries which do not respect any law. It would be obvious to anyone that no one from a country such as Somalia would dare to travel from Somalia to give evidence in a US court against his own country and after that return to, of all places in the world, to his own country which he has only just condemned, and expect to be left alone, let alone survive!

I think the judge would find it very strange indeed for Kenneth Jeyaretnam the so-called leader of an opposition party, the Reform Party in Singapore, for not only being able to live and be left alone in his country even though he is a bitter critic of it. And what is even more surprising, he openly dares to come to the United States to condemn his own country after which he dares to return to his country, which he has just condemned in the US!

The judge would no doubt note this strange situation here. Would he not say to himself, if indeed Singapore is as bad as he portrays, being an open critic of his country, why has he not been skinned alive up till now? And if Singapore is as bad as he claims, why does he not fear returning to his country, which he has just condemned in the most severe terms, and still believe that he will not be  skinned alive? As they would perhaps have done in Somalia?

I am sure Kennth jeyaretnam was in the witness box telling the judge that Singapore has no free speech, expression or assembly and therefore Amos Yee who has just insulted both Christianity and Islam in the most disgusting manner should be allowed to live in the USA because Singapore is a bad place. Surely the judge would be wondering, if Singapore is so bad, why is Jeyaretnam still one piece, and confident enough to fly across the world to Chicago USA to condemn Singapore and then feeling very safe to return to his country to continue living a comfortable life which he leads, unmolested!

Does he not expect to be behind bars if he returns? And if not, why is it a country that denies human rights?

Surely this behavior on the part of Kenneth Jeyaretnam shows not a Singapore that disrespects free speech and expression but quite the contrary; a country that does! This is the sort of behavior that one would expect from a citizen of France or England, not that of someone from a country that denies human rights as he claims.

I was not in court and I don't know whether the judge asked him these questions, which would have been glaringly obvious, but if I was the judge, I would have asked Kenneth Jeyaretnam that if in fact Singapore was as bad as he claims, why then has he not been arrested so far and why does he dare to go back to Singapore where he lives if in fact it is as bad as he claims? Should Jeyaretnam too not be asking for asylum if it is a as bad as that?

Because if Jeyaretnam had come from Somalia or Sudan and testified against his country in the US, he would never dare return there ever in his life because he will either be arrested or killed, that is what they do in such countries. If Singapore, the repressive island that he claims, is not only going to allow Jeyaretnam to return to Singapore in one piece and what is more, allow him to live in peace to continue criticizing it, that by itself goes a long way to show that Singapore has not abused Yee's human rights and neither has it abused Jeyaretnam's human rights either.

Calling Jeyaretnam to testify against the Singapore government does not help Amos Yee but instead goes very far in favor of the US government's argument that Amos Yee should not be granted asylum, because the testimony of Jeyaretnam proves Singapore is not a repressive island without laws because if it was, Jeyaretnam would not be in the US bravely testifying against Singapore and after that have the courage to return to it and live in peace.

What Grossman, Yee's attorney should have done is to not call any witnesses but rely solely on documents, or find a former Singaporean who lives in the US and is unable to return to his country for fear of persecution. Perhaps even calling Tan Wah Piow who is now in exile in England would have been a good idea because he cannot return and his was indeed a case where he was persecuted.

Calling someone like Jeyaretnam who lives a comfortable life in Singapore to come to the US and condemn his country, and then return to it without any fear, is not a credible candidate. The very fact that Jeyaretnam has been left alone so far in Singapore despite all his criticism against Singapore and be left alone even after he has condemned his country abroad, does not show a case of persecution but instead a country that allows critics to remain in Singapore without any problems.

Singapore has handled Amos Yee very well. He has never been charged for anything he said against the rulers or the government of Singapore. What he has been charged for and sent to a short stint in jail was because he insulted Christianity and Islam in a crowded multi racial island. The question in this case is very simple. Does Singapore government in such special circumstances have the right to enact such a law to avoid racial violence. I think such as a law in Singapore's  circumstances was justified and there is no persecution. Also the fact that Jeyaretnam who is a staunch critic in Singapore has never ben charged so far for anything, he is allowed to come to the US to testify against his country and yet be able to return to it without any problems goes a long way to show that Singapore does not abuse the rights of his citizens.

The testimony of Kenneth Jeyaretnam will hurt Amos Yee's case. Not help him.

All that I have written so far is only in relation to Amos Yee's trial proceedings and strategy. These are not my personal views about Singapore.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, San Francisco, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Sunday, March 5, 2017

The average Singapore student may be literate. But I don't think he is educated

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The purpose of an education, I believe, is not just being able to read and write, and a training in a vocation or profession. The purpose of an education should be the ability to think independently, form opinions, have ideas of your own, have ideas about your country and your lives, and the ability for the betterment of yourselves and society. When an individual with ideas improves himself through new ideas, he also advances his country.

If this is the purpose of an education, you could say, that Singaporeans are not educated. They are incapable of independent thought and independent action. In spite of their schooling, they fear their government. They become paralyzed into inaction and simply obey authority. As a result, any Singaporean can only survive in Singapore, where the state looks after him and tells him what to do, as in any other Stalinist society. If he is put in any other country, he stagnates into oblivion. He is incapable of any leadership qualities. Leaders need courage, which the Singaporean does not have. Leaders are willing to take risks, which he cannot do.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area of California where I live, I do know that there are a number of Singaporeans, mainly ethnic Chinese. But one never hears of them. They may be employed in some company or other but no one has seen them or heard of them. They don't make waves. None of them have stood out from the crowd. They are by and large mediocre and incognito, and that is where they will remain. In fact for most of them, coming to the US has not done much good. They may as well stay behind and be taken care of by Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. A boring life but you still survive.

It is not their fault for the way they are. The fault lies in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, an island he has created according to his own plans. The entire island population of Singapore  for the last 50 years since independence have been thoroughly intimidated into submission. The island is a dictatorship with all instruments of power controlled by the government. There is no rule of law. Judges are required to punish any political dissident when told to do so. As a result you see all former political opponents destroyed through the courts on trumped up charges. The most famous of all was Chia Thye Poh who has been jailed for no less that 30 years of his life for daring to challenge Lee Kuan Yew, the then prime Minister. More recently you have JB Jeyaretnam a prominent lawyer opposition  politician who was repeatedly bankrupted, jailed and disbarred from practicing law. This too was done by the island's corrupt judges. Also you have Chee Soon Juan, political opponent who was also repeatedly jailed bankrupted and impoverished, dismissed from his job as a professor and now reduced to selling books he wrote to make a living on Singapore's streets.

I too was a victim of the corrupt judiciary of Singapore. During my time in the island practicing law, I was repeatedly punished with attorney discipline charges to silence me and to stop me from criticism. I was suspended from practicing law for 2 years in 1993 even though I had already left the island and obtained asylum in the USA. In 2008 I was arrested and jailed for writing a blog about a Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who I had said had "prostituted herself" in her judicial capacity by shamelessly abusing the law. In 2010 I was disbarred in Singapore island for saying the same thing about another Singapore judge Judith Prakash who similarly shamelessly abuses the law to please her master. The use of the language to describe these judges was a correct expression in English for one who abuses her official authority for personal gain.

Every single one of these cases above were all prominently displayed in their state controlled newspapers. The purpose was to warn everyone in the island not to criticize the government openly or else you will be punished as they were. Unfortunately for Singapore the lesson was only too well learnt. Today no Singaporean no matter how much education he has dares to question authority because they know that to do so is suicidal.

This lesson is also taught in every other sphere of one's life in the island. Those who actively support the Peoples Association, a branch of the ruling Peoples Action Party are promoted in their jobs, are shielded from retrenchments and generally can expect a successful life and career. On the other hand those who refuse to participate in the charade and cast aside and left to their fate. And of course those who criticize them are punished and destroyed.

These lessons are not only learnt by the students themselves, their teachers in school are also expected to give their students these necessary warnings. Instead of teachers telling their students to think independently, form independent ideas and opinions because this is a good thing, as teachers do in Western free societies; instead they are tasked to tell their students not to criticize their government for their own good.

They get the same advice from their parents when they go home. Their parents are there to give them the same bad advice. Obey authority, obey your rulers, don't make waves, keep your mouth shut and do as you are told, and for the vast majority of Singaporeans who are ethnic Chinese, be Confusion.  This is the advice that the teachers tell the students in school and the same advice from parents at home.

Of course someone going through a life like this turns out as a robot, which is what a Singaporean is. He will work hard, do exactly as he is told, and he will be a bore for the rest of his life. In Singapore, because the state takes care of them, they could have a reasonable life. Boring but survive they can. On the other hand, if you put them in any other country in the world where people are free, they have a serious problem. If you are afraid to even open your mouth, how can you get ahead?

In order to judge the average Singaporean, you have to be someone who ordinarily lives elsewhere like I do. I have seen some Singaporeans who come to see me here is San Francisco in the course of my work as an attorney. Not intending to insult them unfortunately I have nothing good to say of them except to say that they are punctual and honest. Other than that they have very few redeeming qualities. For one, they are not articulate. Although English may not be the first language of many foreigners here, many are in fact articulate. But not Singaporeans. They are incapable of any spontaneity, they cannot speak in public, are generally afraid of attention and are altogether silent perhaps because they don't want to make a fool of themselves.

In the West where people are free, you have to be assertive, confident and even somewhat extrovert; all areas in which the Singaporean fails miserably thanks to an upbringing in a society where they are told that the less you are heard the better.

If Singaporean parents understand this, if they want to help their children, they have to take them out of that suppressed atmosphere  and educate them in a free society such as Australia or the United States. Sending them abroad after they have been dealt with by their oppressive society in Singapore at the age of 20 will not do them any good. Their minds are already permanently damaged and they will end up non entities like those who survive in the San Francisco  Bay Area of California and in other parts of the Western world.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, San Francisco, California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Friday, March 3, 2017

Singapore doomed to mediocrity without freedom of speech and expression

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The news about Singapore island has not been good for some time now. The economy has simply not been growing for some time now. In the past the island was hailed as one of the Asian Dragons with near double digit economic growth. But all that now is just memory. Despite all the governments planning, high level committees and manipulations, it is simply not working.

Singapore is disadvantaged from the start compared to other countries. It is far too small. Small geographically and small population wise. For such a tiny place to stay ahead, it not only has to be good, it has to be exemplary. Any economist or political science student will see that an island tiny and  so dependent on foreigners for capital and expertise, must constantly worry, constantly stay ahead. One bad episode and the entire economy can fall. One major company shutting down may trigger an avalanche of capital flight. One piece of bad news could cause an entire economic collapse.

In an island such as this with no mineral wealth, no gold or diamonds, its only real asset is it's people. But unfortunately the quality of its people is one of the worst in the world. Put simply, the Singaporean is unable to think and act independently. You call this behavior training or brainwashing. Over a decade of deliberate and dedicated program of brain washing to create a docile timid and submissive population to attract foreign investment, since foreign companies do not appreciate strikers and complainers, the Singaporean today is one that is incapable of complaining about anything at all! You can do anything to them and yet they wouldn't raise a whimper.

For 50 years, the Singaporean had the stick for disobedience and the carrot for obedience. The philosophy was and is, obey the government and you will be left alone. Disobey at your peril. Don't be foolish and criticize. Criticism is not only futile, it can be very harmful to your health.

Singaporeans today do not have the right of freedom of speech, nor freedom of expression, nor freedom to protest, nor the rule of law. All these things which are considered normal and expected in any other country, are all made illegal under the island constitution. So naturally you would expect any red blooded human being living under such conditions to complain, but surprisingly not in Singapore island. They are afraid to complain. It is just as Big Brother watching you. If you complain you may get trouble. So it is best to keep your mouth shut and simply obey.

Coming back to question, why is Singapore doing so badly, it is because the population of Singapore is incapable of carrying out any economic activity on their own. Because they are afraid, they are good only in following orders and be endearing towards their rulers. It is a constant daily pursuit to please their rulers. Flattery and showing appreciation towards their rulers is how to survive in the island.

Singapore was always and is today a state planned economy. It is the government that does the thinking and the people are required to follow. Unfortunately in all the areas of economic activity through state planning, it has turned out over time in the 21 century to be failures. The sea port was once a major business activity but foreign countries have caught up and the Singapore port is becoming redundant. Singapore airlines was once a leading carrier but other countries have wised up with the carrier now flying half empty. It is the same with every other business activity.

What Singapore needs is not a state planned economy but one created and driven by individual Singaporeans. What you need is thinkers and entrepreneurs. It is they, the Singaporeans, who can achieve greatness for the island, but unfortunately they are simply not up to the task. And why do I say this? Because to be inventive, to be a risk taker, to be an entrepreneur, you need to be a normal human being. Firstly you have to be free and not live like a slave. You have to be able to think on your own. Do things on your own,. You have to have respect in your government. You should not have to live in fear of your government.

As a example of the fear under which people live, if you ask a Singaporean a political question, he would probably take 5 seconds to think what answer he should give, lest it is not politically correct. You have an entire island of hypocrites, who have to massage their answers so as to be left alone by their government. And how do you expect a man who lives like this, think of new ideas and new businesses?

As long as these rights do not exist, Singaporeans unlike the British, the French, the Israelis, the Germans, they will never be able to use their heads, come up with ideas, have a stake in their country and be proud of their country. Without the collaboration of its very citizens, a tiny island like this has no hope of ever achieving economic success.

Today the economy is growing at about 1% to 2% a year. This rate of growth can hardly support a real country with a larger geographical area and population. With a tiny island and a tiny population, a rate such as this is destructive and terminal. No amount of planning can solve the island's problems as long as the average citizen can do nothing except follow.

If next year is also going to see just  a 1% increase in GDP with the economy stagnating , with the growing brain drain where thousands from an already tiny population continue to leave, you simply don't have enough ideas to sustain any development.

I think it is over for Singapore. What will destroy Singapore is the total success that Lee Kuan Yew achieved in creating a population which is incapable of complaining.

You may be wondering if what I say is true, why am I able to write this without any trouble. It is because I am writing this from outside Singapore and their ability to abuse the law and victimize me is not possible since I am not physically within their jurisdiction. They can of course try to sue in in the US but their chances of success are less than zero, because I am protected by the rule of law and a respected US Constitution. Therefore I have rights which I don't in Singapore island. Of course I would not have dared to write this within Singapore because I would find myself in the local jail the next minute. Which is why I left and why thousands of others like me are leaving, which is why that island is facing the problems that they do.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont (San Francisco) California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

Monday, February 13, 2017

Will Singapore Island's committee of future economy save the island? What is the real problem?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For at least 10 years now the tiny Singapore's island's economy has been steadily declining. Today the growth rate is almost zero or minus. Almost everything is down. Remember the island is a dictatorship. And just like any other dictatorship economic planning is done by the state. The citizens' job is just to work in the economic sectors given to them.

So you have a dictatorship or oligarchy that has decided that the port should be one industry, the airport should be another, the biotech sector, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas refining and bunkering for vessels, oil rig manufacture and so on. The creation of these industries has nothing to do with the common man. Just as Stalin in the Soviet Union would come out with a 5 year plan to expand grain production, so it is in Singapore.

Unfortunately for these dictators, every one of these sectors has collapsed. First the developed world no longer sees a need to invest in wet back cheap labor countries. They could automate and produce cheaply within their own borders. In any case Singapore labor has become so expensive thanks to the mismanagement of these dictators that it is no longer profitable to locate in the island.

And then you have the repression of the people which has successfully produced an entire society which is incapable of thinking for themselves. Just as in the Soviet Union, the way to advance is to be a sycophant and government bootlicker. In order to succeed what you need most is the recognition of the government of your support. In the Soviet Union, you would have joined the Communist Party which helps to advance your career. In Singapore a similar organization is the Peoples Association. By joining and volunteering in it, you are guaranteed a steady job, promotions in your career and security from unemployment.

Most Singapore citizens who want a successful life are more concerned with finding a job in the government sector, a government linked company or other related organization while at the same time publicly and openly showing your support for the dictators by your work in the Peoples Association. You can see them everywhere in their white uniforms, the color of the dictators and their ruling party the Peoples Action Party. This sort of an attitude does not encourage independent thinking or doing things on your own. The Singaporean has a crutch mentality, where Lee Kuan Yew's son and his friends and relatives who run the government are his mentors, his patrons and his source of a livelihood. And so far, during the island's entire history, the dictators have been always loyal to their supporters. It is only the Singaporeans who like dogs, run around and lick the boots of the dictators who manage to advance and succeed in their careers.

While at the same time, anyone who has shown the slightest of opposition to the regime is viciously destroyed. The late JB Jeyaretnam, opposition politician, Chee Soon Juan opposition leader, and dozens of others who have even expressed the slightest of objection to the regime have all been destroyed primarily through defamation actions, using Kangaroo judges who do their bidding.

As a result of these years of character training, like you would train a dog, Singapore citizens can be said to be incapable of doing anything for themselves. Just as a dog's only purpose is to please it's master, the Singaporean's only purpose is to ingratiate himself to his dictators. Jump and do as your told and you get a bone. Show any disobedience and you get the stick. Their minds have been crippled by fear. Fear of what the state would do to them if they showed resistance. They are only capable of obedience and showing support to the regime and score points thereby. Scoring points is a very important aspect of the Singaporean's life. The more the dictators like you, the more you progress. If they hate you, you don't stand a chance. So you spend your entire life trying to find ways in getting into the good books of the dictators.

Let me give you my own example. The Singaporean dictators never liked me. While I was living in the island in the 1980s, I told them openly that they are a bunch of corrupt dictators and they are no good. As a result for years, while I was in Singapore, I was repeatedly persecuted through trumped up charges. In 2008, while I was on holiday in the island, they put me in jail in Singapore for writing a blog stating that Belinda Ang Saw Ean, one of their judges who unjustly punished Chee Soon Juan, was prostituting herself as a judge. And then, because they were very angry, no doubt as a result of my temerity, they charged me with another trumped up charge of disorderly behavior and fined me. After I returned to the US, they decided to disbar me from practicing law in their island because I stated that another Kangaroo judge of theirs was similarly prostituting herself.

Lest you may have any doubts, their disbarring me in their tin pot banana republic Singapore island,  has no effect whatsoever on my life and career in California USA where I continue to be in active practice of the law and a member of the State Bar of California.

After all this, they have told me that even though I hold a US passport I need a visa to enter Singapore. The truth is, even if I have a visa for Singapore, I still will not go. You never know they might just arrest and jail me on a whim. This is the sort of thing that happens in banana republics. If you anger the ruler, you would never dare to step foot there again because they can simply do anything they want to you. This is not the sort of thing that happens in a civilized, respectable country with the rule of law.

Singapore today does not have the basic fundamental rights that anyone can expect in any civilized country. No freedom of speech, assembly, right of protest, no workers right to strike or collective bargaining, no rule of law and no freedom of the press. Any activity on any of these accounts is a criminal offense and will land you in jail.

And the reason why they behave in this obnoxious way is two fold. One to ensure there is no threat to the dictators grip on power. And the dictators can be as corrupt as they want without anyone to criticize. The Singaporean dictators are as corrupt as the worst of the African dictators as they pay themselves millions which they call salaries. Any criticism of corruption directed at them would immediately result in a defamation action or arrest before their Kangaroo courts.

Many tertiary educated Singaporeans are unhappy to live like this. As a result they emigrate to the West resulting in the worst brain drain in the world. Their unhappiness results in the lowest birth rate in the world. In effect the native Singapore population is literally dying off. To replace them the island brings in hoards of Chinese nationals from Communist China literally changing the very identity of the people of the island. This angers the remaining locals causing them to leave in even greater numbers.

Coming to the economic problems of Singapore, the problem lies in the mind of the local Singaporean. Fear and character training like you would train a dog to be obedient has created and entire society of followers, not independent thinkers who can stand on their own. If all the average Singaporean is capable of is to join the state bandwagon of the Peoples Association and be a supporter in the hope of the crumbs that they throw at them, you will never have entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators or men of ideas. And without them, you simply don't have the grit which is needed for economic success.

You might take issue with my claim that Singaporeans are incapable of being entrepreneurs. After all Singapore is known as a business center. True there are businesses in Singapore. But they don't belong to Singaporeans but to foreigners. The dictators have created a free for all business atmosphere with low taxes so that anyone from anywhere can come to set up business. And the Singaporeans are the ones who work for these foreign businessmen for low wages. Unfortunately despite the low taxation these foreigners no longer want to invest in the island since their own countries are giving them even better terms. So they are not coming and the poor Singaporeans is out of work.

In addition to the foreign businessmen, Singapore attracts crooked millionaires who use the island to launder illegal money. Unfortunately even in this money laundering sector, Singapore is losing out because the countries from which they come have tightened loopholes making it very difficult to repatriate funds.

Singaporeans have no hope because they cannot think. They are destined to do as their leaders tell them. And unfortunately it seems the leaders have run out of ideas just as all dictators eventually as history shows us.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, San Francisco, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525